Walking foot for the 1000 series with quilting guide and three interchangeable soles for machine quilting (straight lines or grids). Ideal for fabrics which stick or tend to slip.

This foot is indispensable when additional control is needed to feed the project being sewn, it includes three interchangeable soles, one designed for sewing with difficult or slippery fabrics, one designed for quilting and an edge stitching sole

  • Use the "sewing" sole for sewing on leather, velvet, for matching plaids, etc. There are both 1/4" and 1/8" markings on the sole to serve as seam and cornering guides 
  • Use the "quilting" sole when machine quilting. The new quilting sole has an "open toe" configuration to improve visibility when quilting. It also provides 1/4" and 1/8" markings to serve as seam and cornering guides. The back of the quilting sole is designed to reduce drag on the quilt, further promoting perfect feed 
  • Use the "edge stitching" sole for edge stitching and in-the-ditch stitching

Three Sole Walking Foot 50