The 3004 Sewer's Vision (Maxi aperture) is a manually adjustable height adjustable quilting and hobby table with the convenience of a large working area which folds down through 90 degrees when not in use.

Features of the Sewers Vision include

  • Tough, knock resistant ABS edging surrounds the top of the table for increased durability. 1" thick table top for extra strength.
  • Tilts for storage by means of a pull release catch mechanism to give back valuable floor space to a room.
  • Easily height adjustable by simply turning a crank handle.
  • Can be raised to work on or above other furniture in the room.
  • A large height adjustment range to suit almost any user. Can be lowered raised to sit or stand to work.
  • Clever platform for the sewing machine to rest on; can either be dropped for flatbed use or raised for free-arm or embroidery arm use. Maxi aperture; sized to fit even the largest sewing machines on the market.
  • One insert to fit your sewing machine included.
  • Easily mobile on 4 large lockable wheels.

Table size; 60" by 40" Ideal for all craft use.

Cutting mat illustrated and items on it are not included but the cutting mat is available - see related products below.

Sewers Vision