The Horn Quilter's Delight Mk2 is a uniquely designed Quilting table for you and your machine ... 

  • Full length door hinge.
  • Recessed angled door gives firm support for the lid/working extension, provides extra legroom and prevents draped fabric from catching.
  • Stable in use or closed with 5 lockable casters.
  • Door trays cleverly designed to optimise storage - door even includes 2 large removable accessory cases.
  • Handy extra shelf under the Horn 3- step air lifter.
  • Flush mounted hinges.
  • Sturdy construction
  • Beech colour

Please show your make and model of sewing machine below to ensure a correct fit for your filler panel so when your machine is stored away with the back area up on the table it will create a large solid cutting area.

Horn Quilters Delight MK2