Bernina Latest News


Bernina have introduced a 770QEplus version machine.

Also an upgrade for customers that already have the 770QE ( Not The 7 inch screen)

Please let me know if you require any further details. I think the opportunities will be with the upgrade to existing customers.

Those of you who signed up to and joined the Virtual Bernina University will have seen that Bernina launched some exciting new products. The key ones are explained briefly below and detailed information can be downloaded here.


Bernina 770QE PLUS
This has a host of new features added to the already excellent 770QE. Some have been brought across from the 790 Plus but others are completely new:

  1. 7" Colour touch screen

  2. BSR 3 Mode - New feature

  3. Kick Start - New feature

  4. Presser foot selection in sewing mode

  5. Triple stitch

  6. Pinpoint Placement  

  7. Scaling Lock for Pinpoint Placement - New feature

  8. Group/ungroup layers and designs

  9. Rearrange layers and designs

  10. Wordart

  11. 217 Extra Decorative stitches

  12. 3 Extra sewing alphabets

  13. 2 Extra Embroidery alphabets

  14. 135 Extra Embroidery Designs


Bernina 770QE PLUS Upgrade Kit
Bernina customers love their machines and cherish them for many years. They expect a Bernina to last so where possible Bernina develop upgrade kits so there will be an Upgrade Kit for the 770QE to get almost all the Plus features (except of course the 7" colour screen). All the other features above will be accessible with the Upgrade which in addition also includes:

  1. Foot 72S – a new version of foot 72 with a slit in the hoop so you don’t have to cut the thread when you take it on or off. (As they cannot meet the demand foot 72S is only available with the upgrade kit until Q1 2022)

  2. Set of couching inserts


Price and availability


Retail Agency Price Availability 770QE Plus £3795   from Mid August

Upgrade Kit £395  Limited quantity in stock

Our pricing therefore remains competitive and even customers who bought a 770QE at the full price last year can upgrade for little difference taking account of the value of the foot 72S and couching inserts.
Embroidery Unit upgrade
In the early Autumn Bernina Embroidery units will come with new "Smart Drive Technology". The key benefits are:

  1. Smoother movement

  2. Even fewer instances of looping

  3. Faster

  4. Quieter

  5. Price TBA